Michelle Sue

Professional Web Surfer

not a strong swimmer

As an experience designer, I enjoy collaborating with my team of clients and engineers to uncover the best solution for our target users. I iterate quickly and share work-in-progress with my teams shamelessly, it's the best way for quick problem solving. As a visual designer, I find it so rewarding to help businesses define and enhance their online presences through great design and smooth experiences.

Web surfing

I'm one of those millennials that always had an internet access. I love sharing hidden internet gems with friends and coworkers like this game: Cheese or Font. My most used apps are the ones that let me save and categorize content: browser bookmarks, GoogleMaps, Spotify, Evernote, etc

Outside The office

When I'm not working, you will find me at a yoga class or at home flipping through magazines and tweeting.


Spring of 2019, I began volunteering for my local alumni association Bama Houston. I redesigned and rebuilt their website. Now I serve as a board member for the chapter.

I also curate the Houston Design Calendar. I spend a few hours a month sourcing local events. The group of international curators meet monthly to discuss how to influence and grow our cities design community — 2020 will be big! :)

If you have an event you would like to submit, please email me.