Houston University

Competition Management Platform

The Problem

A world-renowned university competition has been operating through spreadsheets, emails and paper. Running the competition was too hectic. Poetic created a management platform allowing the competition to run smoothly online.


Key Goal

Digitize the entire competition process for three core users


Design the platform interface within 6 weeks

Project timeilne

The complete platform launched in less than 5 months




Early 2019

My Role

I was the designer and the front-end developer

After the strategist and project management scoped out the features for this platform, I designed the UI. After designs were approved, I built all the designs in webflow so our international developers could build the platform without having to worry about styling.

My Role

  • User Flows
  • Ui Design
  • Webflow Development
  • Visual QA


My team worked with the client to determine what actions users could take. Due to timeline constraints, we were not able to interview users.

As the design phase evolve, the client disclosed us about certain habits and needs. Here are some high-level needs per user


The competition administrators manage hundreds of judges and competition participants each year.

  • Applications submission are formatted consistently
  • Ensure fair scoring for all participants
  • Increase all judges likelihood of submitting scores

Judges are often prominent business leaders across the country.

  • Easy score submission
  • Clear deadlines
  • Simple ui

Participants are MBA students

  • Easy application process
  • Ability to save application progress
  • Confirmation that application was submitted and reviewed
  • Fair judging of all teams


Our client was the competition expert,  I worked directly with them to design out each user flow and write helpful copy. Due to the tight deadline, it was important to iterate quickly.

We were not able to conduct any usability tests.

Judge Submitting Scores

During the competition, judges take notes on team presentation. Judges are prompted to submit their rankings after each group of participants complete their presentations. Judges must confirm their rankings before submitting scores, there is no way to reverse any score submissions.

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Admin reviewing Round REsults

In order to determine which teams will compete in the next round, the administrator will be reviewing scoring results per group. Ranking are automatically calculated.

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Outcomes & Lessons

After the first competition we only had modify the design of one screen to enhance the usability for older judges.

Rapid Iterations

Iterating quickly and often was crucial to the success of the project.We spoke with the client almost daily during the design phase so we were able to build a platform that was easy to use and reduce tension during the project.


We utilized inVision prototyping to get buy-in from ours stakeholders at large. Our main point of contact would use the prototypes to gather internal feedback from their team. After this project, Poetic began using inVision more frequently.

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