Michelle Sue Agee
Hi, I'm Michelle Sue Agee

I'm a user experience and visual designer with 3+ years of end-to-end experience creating digital products and facilitating  community building events.

Working with an integrated team is where I thrive. I enjoy the strategic aspect of design where I work to elevate the overall customer or community experience.

Currently, I'm a product designer at 2U.

Product design for relationship-focused startup

EncourageX is a relationship-building web-based platform to help individuals build and maintain healthy relationship.

I was onboarded onto this project early in my career at Poetic. As the lead designer from 2018-20, I was entrusted in revamping the MVP UI, launching a utility app to the App and Google Play Store, introducing a subscription feature, and influencing produce decisions through the design of countless new features.

On-going Project
UX Design
Interaction Design
Visual Design
Visual QA
Poetic Digital
Product Manager: Adrian
Solutions Architect: John
Project Coordinator: Justin
Primary Designer: Me
Development: Monsano Agency


EncourageX is a relationship-building web-based platform to help individuals build and maintain healthy relationship. The platform offers free "encouragement guides". With an account, users can discover and schedule encouragement ideas for various life topics ( e.g. imposter syndrome, elderly care, etc ) to build and maintain their interpersonal connections.

Design Process

We followed the agile methodology. After the weekly status meeting, the product manager would update me on any reported user-insights from the founder, as well as their latest ideas and dreams for the startup. We utilized Sketch, Zeplin, and Webflow to design, prototype and hand-off design updates to the development team.
During active design sprints, I would present several design solutions internally. We would discuss short- and long-term advantages to the design solution as well as any development limitations before we would present a new component, feature, or other product improvement to the client. The design sprit often cycled 2 or 3 iterations before we would create a responsive prototype in Webflow.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

This project was a consistent, interesting challenge. We had to balance big founder dreams, with limited budgets, and almost no analytics.

Lessons learned

Merging client-lead decisions to create usable solutions

Learning how to think thrugh immediate, reprucssions of short-term solutions vs long-term solutions

launching an app to the store, all the things you need to do. merging updates with source-tree, etc

This Encouragement Guide page has maintained many of the original MPV elements. In the first few months on the project, I introduced  a method to convert Encouragement Guide readers into account holders and a media gallery. We later added a rating system into the web-app later on.
To grow active users, EncourageX introduced subscription feature where brands and creators can sell their own premium encouragement library.
In 2018, we redesigned the Relationship Profile to include a calendar. We later introduced a method for users to "favorite" encouragement ideas and schedule them directly to a Relationship Profile.
In 2019, we incorporated a list view on the Relationship Profile which helps users manage their scheduled encouragement right from the Relationships Profile.
After successfully introducing the list-view feature on the Relationship Profile page. We redesigned the dashboard to display a feed of all scheduled encouragements.
In 2020, the dashboard was updated to display encouragements shared with the account holder.
We launched a supporting utility app at the end of 2018 that reminds EncourageX users about their scheduled encouragements. The app also enables users to share encouragements immediately by text.