Product Preview Page for Fintech Startup

Product Design, Responsive Web Application

Offer Board is a fin-tech platform that provides users with transparent and relevant investment opportunities.  Poetic served as a close collaborator as the initial product was built, iterated upon, and now serves as a technical consultant.

Late in 2020, En Toro requested to expand the preview page capabilities to allow non-users could browse available offers without an account. The client provided me a competitor example to guide the design of the preview page, we provided 3 visual directions in this sprint.

My Role

I was brought on the team initially to in 2018 to help redesign the application and on-boarding process for investors. Throughout the project, I have been brought in to various sprints to create user-centered design solutions for the team.

En Toro Capital
2018 - 2020
Poetic Digital
Solutions Architect: John Goodman
Engineer: Jimmy Thigpin
Project Manager: Sophie Rasmussen
My Role: UX / UI Design
Card Design Iterations

Within the Preview Page sprint, I provided a recommendation to enhance the readability of the offer card. Unfortunately, the approved design was not a priority for production.