Michelle Sue Agee
Hi, I'm Michelle Sue Agee

I'm a user experience and visual designer with 3+ years of end-to-end experience creating digital products and facilitating  community building events.

Working with an integrated team is where I thrive. I enjoy the strategic aspect of design where I work to elevate the overall customer or community experience.

Currently, I'm a product designer at 2U.

Chalk mural for Poetic's office

In Q1 of the 2020 year, my schedule was empty. My boss asked me to reimagine the out-dated art in our office. 

2020, 1 month
Adobe Illustrator

Unsure how to start, I dragged my feet in January.  I saved lettering ideas and murals for inspiration and began sketching ideas.  Feeling very rusty in my graphic design skills, I wanted to create a something simple and forgiving  - this was going up on a wall after-all! I spent a week and a half comping a few designs in illustrator before we landed on the final piece.

After a Thursday of working  in-office, we cleared the space and used a small projector to outline and trace the design onto the wall. I think we spent about 2.5 hours that evening then I came early Friday to finish the piece and surprise the other Poets.
Our hope was the wall would be updated quarterly, but the office transitioned to work from home a few weeks after the piece went up.
Erasing the old graphic
Process shot of my boss, John, tracing some of the mural
The mural was featured in an Houston Business Journal story about Asset Living.