Michelle Sue Agee
Hi, I'm Michelle Sue Agee

I'm a user experience and visual designer with 3+ years of end-to-end experience creating digital products and facilitating  community building events.

Working with an integrated team is where I thrive. I enjoy the strategic aspect of design where I work to elevate the overall customer or community experience.

Currently, I'm a product designer at 2U.

Strategic website design for offshore personnel recruiter

Prime Ocean is offshore personnel recruiter. Our goal was to create a website that clearly positioned the brand as an effective recruiter and automatically publish job opportunities.

Challenge: Enhance Prime Ocean's digital presence by implementing an updated visual style to attract quality candidates and clients.

Project Timeline
2019, 4 months
Prime Ocean Group
Poetic Digital
Back-end Developer: Yasha
Project Manager: Andrew
Solutions Architect: John
Strategist: Adrian
My Role: Lead Designer, Webflow Development
Stakeholder interviews
Define goals & recommendations
UX Design
Visual Design
Webflow Development
Visual QA
Editor Training


Problems and Constraints

When the project started, Prime Oceans was a year-old  business with rapid success. New to the marketplace, our stakeholders needed our help positioning their business online.

  • The old website was incredibly brief and did not attract new clients
  • Applicants were unable to apply to specific roles and upload relevant documents like resumes and certificates
  • The job opportunities listed on the website did not match their listing from a third-party job board
Business Goal

Keep website automatically up to date with new roles to continuously attract talent without increasing work for back-office

Position brand as industry innovator in the industry to secure new clients

User Goal

Applicants want to secure their next contract position quickly, so the application process must be easy.

Client Reps want to decrease the risk of hiring the wrong candidate.


In the discovery phase we conducted comparison analysis of 15+ oil & gas interviews and 4 stakeholder interviews with the executive team to understand our target audiences and Prime Ocean's value proposition.

  • Prime Ocean's expertise and proprietary approach enables them to select quality candidates consistently
  • Recruiter websites should speak directly to candidates. This helps persuade them to apply and can increase their confidence in their choice of employer
  • Ensure the web experience is optimized in mobile.  The design and speed must be optimized for slow connections and clumsy thumbs and slow, talent almost exclusively applies from their phones.
Sitemap and content architecture

I created a 6 page sitemap that outlined the content architecture of each page. Because Prime Ocean's network and word-of-mouth has kept the company busy, we determined the website will prioritize talent. The website homepage speaks directly to candidates and its primary Call to Action is to submit a resume.


Design & Development

My team struggled to schedule meetings around our busy stakeholder's busy 4-day work week. We fell behind the project plan during the strategy/research phase, and decided to take a risk and work ahead of schedule. I designed a high-fidelity mockup of the homepage in desktop and mobile in two weeks. We secured approval on our strategy report AND the homepage design in the same meeting.

Visual Identity

The company did not have defined brand guidelines, just a single logo. Inspired by the industrial equipment found on offshore rigs, we added a bold orange to Prime Ocean's brand colors to represent theirs relationship-focused approach to recruiting. We utilized a style-scape like moldboard to first introduce this concept to our client to gain early approval.

Because of limited scope, we could not design new assets. I used overlapping elements to frame important content and create elevated, responsive layouts.
We connected the Webflow forms with our client's ATS to reduce data entry for the back-office staff.
The About page details the company's expertise to position the team as industry leaders.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

We launched this site in less than 4 months from strategic planning through development.

Lessons learned

I conducted stakeholder interviews alongside the strategist. We coached me after each interviews so I could identify how to ask clear, strong strategic questions.

This project was the first time where I built ( and rebuilt) scroll based interactions for a client-project in Webflow. I relied on the in-house development team to help me troubleshoot various CSS issues.