Michelle Sue Agee
Hi, I'm Michelle Sue Agee

I'm a user experience and visual designer with 3+ years of end-to-end experience creating digital products and facilitating  community building events.

Working with an integrated team is where I thrive. I enjoy the strategic aspect of design where I work to elevate the overall customer or community experience.

Currently, I'm a product designer at 2U.

Logo and website re-design for growing B2B company

The Cole Group ( TCG ) is a pre-employment background screening company in Houston, Texas. I designed a new logo and responsive website that positioned TCG as an established, boutique background screening company.

I was the lead designer for this project. I was responsible for redesigning the company logo, producing brand collateral, designing 7 responsive website templates, and building the site in Webflow.

Project Timeline
2019, 5 months
The Cole Group
Comparison Analysis
Web Design
Visual QA
Adobe Illustrator
Poetic Digital
Project Manager: Sean
Strategist: Adrian
Solutions Architect, Creative Direction: John
My Role: Lead Designer, Webflow Development


During this phase, I collaborated closely with the strategist in this phase to define project goals, strategic recommendations, and determine overall information architecture of the site. The discovery phase revealed our client provided boutique service.

I conducted a comparative analysis of 7 brands. We reviewed how each company spoke about their services, positioned their value-add. During this step, we documented common website patterns in the background screening sector, such as a page addressing applicants directly

  • Successful sites create a clear user flow between industry and services pages in order to showcase a brand’s complete offering
  • Address the screening candidates directly, candidate pages can help confirm these competitor’s confidence in their product
  • Use imagery to bring humanity to the brand but it should not be the focal point of the pages
Logo Design

The logo design process required our team to educate the client about brand positioning. We found inspiration through luxury tailors, watchmakers, shoe-cobblers, which led to TCG changing their tagline to "Elite Background Screening".

Between iterations, the CEO came back with a request: a teal brand color. They loved the color was unique to the industry, we loved that the teal alluded to boutique services.

Our goal was to present TCG as an established company offering premium services. The final logo was approved after three design rounds with the client. We created three logo iterations for the company to use.

Web Design

A hard deadline was sprung on the team before the web design phase began. To meet the deadline, we had to condense the design timeline. I created, presented, and iterated upon  high-fidelity homepage then 6 wireframe mocks over 6 weeks.

Website Goals
  • Communicate the value of the background interview process
  • Provide applicant-specific information
  • Utilize a combo of imagery and text to bring more humanity to the TCG brand and ensure each page is easy to read
The goal of the homepage is to Introduce TCG as a boutique pre-employment screening company and drive clicks into key pages like the Services or Technology.
It was important to clearly position TCG's role in the hiring process. The goal of the page is to educate applicants on their rights and how to prepare for the pre-employment interview

This page is a template to highlight TCG's industry-specific solutions and recommended services.

Outcomes & Lessons Learned

We launched the website and produced additional marketing collateral in time for TCG's big conference. Our client returned to the agency for additional work post-launch.

Lessons learned

I was pushed out of my comfort zone at every turn of this project, but I landed myself a promotion. This was my first project where I was leading design end-to-end, from logo design through development.

I had not designed a logo mark since school. Navigating a new client, rusty skill set, and an independent team dynamic challenged and improved my my communications skills.