Webflow Build for Insurance and Mortgage Provider

Webflow Design & Development, Responsive Web

The Gibraltar Group is a Houston-based insurance and mortgage provider. The team strategized and designed a web experience that merged three product websites into a single site.

I was onboarded onto the project at the final phase of the design sprint. We followed an agile model where we worked in bi-weekly sprints to build each unique page, migrate content, and QA the site across browsers. As the Webflow Designer, I brought a Sketch file to life. Throughout the development and QA process, I'd swivel my monitor to the lead designer's way to ensure the site was scaling as expected or use their iPhone for testing ( I have a Galaxy ). 

  • Build responsive CMS Webflow website following hi-fi desktop and mobile mockups
  • Collaborate with the in-house developer to create custom sorting and searching features
  • Provide Webflow Editor instructions and training to client
Outcomes and Learning Lessons

The development sprint was complete in 6 weeks; we launched the site the following week, on time. In the project, I learned the power of multi-reference collections in Webflow which prepared me to take on the Redesign for JFS's massive website. I also learned how to draw a triangle with CSS for the primary button style.

The Gibraltar Group
Poetic Digital
Lead Designer:  Marley Holt
Strategist: Adrian Samaniego
Solutions Architect: John Goodman
Project Manager: Andrew Chien
In-House Developer: Yasha
My Role: Webflow Designer