Webflow Build for Insurance and Mortgage Provider

The Gibraltar Group is a Houston-based insurance and mortgage provider. I was the Webflow Designer for this project. During this project, I learned how to draw a triangle with CSS and the power of multi-reference collections. The lead designer provided me fidelity mockups in Sketch, I used her as a guide when creating custom interactions.

My Responsbiblities
  • Collaborate with in-house developer to create custom sorting and searching features
  • Provide Webflow Editor instructions and training to client
  • Build responsive CMS Webflow website following hi-fi desktop and mobile mockups
The Gibraltar Group
Poetic Digital
Lead Designer:  Marley Holt
Webflow Designer:  Me, Myself, and I
Strategist: Adrian Samaniego
Solutions Architect: John Goodman
Custom Code Supplied by: Yasha
Project Manager: Andrew Chien
Tools: Sketch, Slack, Trello, Webflow, Gather Content